Geomatic is a data and analytics house specialising in data science and master data management solutions; that many leading Nordic companies co-operate with when utilising their own and external publicly available data within their business operations. By working in co-operation, we support them with greater levels of confidence, quicker returns-on-value, and better decisioning capabilities


We consult on the end-to-end process from data collection, validation, structuring and enrichment; to the analysis, segmentation, and the optimal usage of data within your operations

We know data

With years of experience in analytics combining demographic data with geography, property data, customer data, and anything like it. We help our clients understand, update, maintain and operationalise data in the right way for the right tasks


Specialised consultants with industry knowledge

We consult on and deliver Master Data Management, segmentation, and data drive marketing. Our consultants are all highly specialised with deep industry knowledge. Therefore, any dialogue starts with identifying the right team to match your industry and business


Holistic counselling to optimise value

We know that you get the most out of data if they play the right role in your business processes. That is why it is important to us that data provides the knowledge you need to optimise your business

Our Values


Our passion for contributing to create maximum value. Our holistic approach enables us to see the  bigger picture whilst being attentive to details



The ability to inspire each other to find new solutions. We let creativity flourish and convert it into value and relevance



Our desire to ensure that everybody is in good hands with us. Our relationships are based on empathy and dedicated teamwork



Our integrity and openness ensures that you can rely on us. We approach each other and anyone we meet with an honest and constructive dialogue